Who We Are

Ideal Food Market 1948

Founded in 1950 by Nathan Stein, Ideal Meat Company has always been a cornerstone for distribution in the Indiana market.

Nathan valued his customers and strived to serve them at any cost. His legacy has continued to this day.

Nathan passed the company on to his son’s Jeff and Larry. These two brothers have grown Ideal Meat

and are now in a building nearly triple the size of their original location.

Expanding their geographical footprint to include Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.

Ideal is positioned to expand the “kid glove” service into our neighboring states.

Chris and Joe represent the third generation of Ideal Meat

and will continue the legacy that started over 69 years ago.

Their vision and experience will take Ideal Meat to a new level.

Chris and Joe have already made significant changes in the company.

The new “Ideal Food Group” will be focusing on all types of foodservice and retail products.

Ideal Food Group is our new and exciting technology driven company

never compromising the rich heritage that was established by Nate, Jeff and Larry.

Not Just Meat Anymore